Born in Milan 15/05/1967;

Classical High School at the Liceo Statale G. Leopards of Milan in 1985.

 Winner of numerous student scholarships deserving (in the school years 1982/83, 1983/84, 1984/85 and in the years academics 1985/86, 1986/87, 1987/88, 1989/90), called by INPDAI (Institute National Pensions for Industrial Company Managers). 

In 1991 he graduated in Medicine and Surgery cum laude, proposed to the Barbagallo-Sangiorgi Award e thesis dignity at the University of Catania. 

 In 1991 authorization to exercise the profession of surgeon with honors 

November 1995 Diploma of Specialization in Respiratory Diseases and Physiology with the top marks and honors from the University of Catania. 

In March 1996 he participated in the 1st National Course theoretical and practical of Intensive Respiratory Therapy Milan.  

In September-October 1996 practical training in intensive care and respiratory rehabilitation at the Semi-Intensive Therapy Unit and the Pneumology Department of the Veruno Medical Center, Foundation Salvatore Maugeri (NO). 

In 2001 training course for medical coordinator of the anti-smoking center sponsored by A.I.P.O Milan


1991-1999 Internal Doctor with assistance duties at the Institute of Respiratory Diseases and Physiology of the University of Catania. 

Since 1995 freelancer in Catania and province 

1997-1998 service at the P.S. of the P.O. of Randazzo with quarterly service continuity assignments and P.S. 

2002-2005 Medical Director of the Anti-smoking Center A.S.L. 3 Health District of Giarre 

Since May 2004 Medical Director U.O. Respiratory Diseases Nursing Home Musumeci GECAS affiliated with SSN

Since June 2020 Functional Unit Director of Pneumology of the Musumeci Gecas Nursing Home affiliated with SSN

He carried out prevention activities in schools as an expert pulmonologist specialist on cigarette smoke damage and respiratory diseases

He is a member of several Scientific Societies with which actively collaborates and has participated in numerous National Congresses and International, also as speaker, as well as in theoretical and practical courses of updating in pneumology and E.C.M. of which he is often a teacher.

SCIENTIFIC INTERESTS: intensive care e respiratory semi-intensive, lung mechanics and rehabilitation therapy respiratory, airway pathology and muscle pharmacology bronchial smoothness, epidemiology, smoking.

Author and coauthor of over 26 scientific publications on national and international pulmonary medicine journals