The health facility was founded in 2013 by the merger of the professional studies of Respiratory Diseases of Dr. Salvatrice Puglisi and Odontostomatology and Oral Surgery of Dr. Giovanni Scalisi, in Riposto since 1995. The clinic offers specialized health services of high quality standards and the collaboration of highly qualified professionals.The Pneumology clinic, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of all respiratory diseases, is equipped for instrumental, functional (spirometer), allergy (prick and patch test) diagnostics and for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea (OSAS). ).The dental surgeries, has a special regard for the treatment of complex patients affected by various comorbidities (heart patients, neurological patients and disabled people).   The use of particular information technologies in the field of dentistry (3D digital impression and digital planning in implant surgery) make the Dental Structure a highly specialized reference point in the geographical area of ​​reference. The structure is affiliated with the major national health assistance funds.


Our mission has always been the patient's attention and care that we provide with a rapid service with the highest quality standards, in compliance with the most up-to-date medical-surgical protocols provided for by the international guidelines.Our company has been working with well-known specialists; particular care is dedicated to the  innovation of medical, diagnostic and surgical instruments and to the medical-scientific updating of the operators.

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